Yoga with Michele

Influenced by my travels, my experiences, and being with my mom during her journey through dementia with Lewy Bodies, I bring my students feelings of both power and stillness. I hold space and provide encouragement so my students can experience their best selves.

My mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone and EVERY-body. My great joy is introducing people to yoga who have never done yoga and sharing the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

I teach weekly classes in Tucson Arizona and on locations around the world throughout the year.

Tucson Weekly Classes:

Class Time Location
Beginning Vinyasa Flow Yoga 06:00 PM Score Physical Therapy

Classes are $10 per class, per person

Classes are 1 hour unless noted otherwise.


Class Descriptions:

Beginning Vinyasa Flow

This class is perfect for anyone who is new to yoga or wants to re-familiarize themselves with the basics. Prior yoga experience is not necessary and “being flexible” is not required! We will learn the basic yoga poses, some breathing exercises, and a bit about the philosophy of yoga.




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Teaching Philosophies

Yoga is for EVERY body. I have taught yoga to a 100 year old in a wheelchair, seniors with dementia, people who are not “flexible”, and bodies of all shapes and sizes.


Yoga Myths

  • Myth: I have to be flexible to do yoga.
  • Truth: I’m not flexible either! On most days, I can’t touch my toes. Forget the splits – I tried since 3rd grade, and I still can’t do them!
  • Myth: I have to be strong to do yoga.
  • Truth: There are all levels of yoga. Yes, there are poses that require strength, and yes there are gentle, beginning poses as well. If you can’t run a marathon, does that mean you won’t go for a mile run?