Colorado Trail Hiker

Meet Diane Sebastian, this month’s student. I met Diane a few years back in Colorado Springs through Steve and I’s connection to triathlon and her SO, Joe. We had an immediate connection through our mutually sarcastic and witty partners! Diane has been practicing yoga on and off for 10 years. She took her first class at her gym, in a dark corner room. No wonder people were put off by practicing yoga!

Diane started, and continued her practice, for the stress reduction benefits. Pre-retirement, Diane would do an hour class and as a result she would be able to let go of worries and thoughts about work. She knew that hour was for her, and her alone. She struggled in Savasana and told me it was really hard for her at first. Settling her mind at that time was a real challenge.

partner yoga

Hiking is one of Diane’s Passions

Living in Colorado gives Diane easy access to mountains and one of her passions is hiking. When she retired from teaching in 2012, she began her journey to hike the Colorado Trail. She hiked it bit by bit and in 2017, she completed her final miles of the 486 mile trail. That’s an amazing journey!

Diane continues to practice yoga and now that she is retired and the work stress is no longer a part of her daily life, she enjoys other benefits of yoga. Due to her practice, Diane has increased flexibility, joint mobility, and mindfulness. For Diane, the confidence that extends off the mat is a benefit she appreciates. Yoga helps her stay injury free so she can continue doing those long mountain hikes.

In The Moment

Diane appreciates that her yoga practice is only about what she is doing that moment, and there is no competition, and no comparing her practice to what others are doing. It’s a thought process that she uses off the mat and finds valuable.


Diane is a kindred spirit with her wanderlust. She has traveled all over the world, experiencing different cultures and enjoying her experiences immersing herself in whatever area she travels to. She recently joined me at Rancho de la Osa for a yoga retreat to practice yoga in a different setting and experience the healing Arizona warmth and sunshine. She enjoyed the daily yoga and meditation sessions as well as the time to sit, journal and reflect. As Diane and I visited at the retreat, we discovered we both have walking the El Camino de Santiago high on our bucket list – perhaps our wanderlust will find us hiking the trail together. You can be sure we’ll be doing yoga to stay injury free and keep limber!

If you are interested in a yoga retreat similar to the one Diane joined me for, I’d love to host you! Click here to see my upcoming retreats.