I needed to hit the refresh button. The last couple of weeks have been really hard and in the midst of it I knew I needed something more drastic than laying on the couch in my own funk. I texted my friend K.:“are you free in 2 weeks? Can I come visit? I need a self-care weekend.” “Yes, come.” I booked my flight to LaGuardia within hours of reaching out; I was going to Brooklyn. I showed up on K and R’s doorstep 2 weeks later, with all my <mental> baggage and lay bare my anxiety, stress, frustrations, uncertainty and doubts. I am so fortunate to have friends that I knew would create a safe and supportive space for me to unravel and hopefully I would find some clarity and comfort. The 2ndmorning I was there, we set out on a walk and walked in Greenwood Cemetery. Occupying 478 acres, Greenwood Cemetery has wide paths to walk, hills, trees, a historic stone chapel and views of Manhattan. It’s an oasis in the busy city life of New York City. And yes, there are mausoleums and gravestones and no doubt infinite number of memories of people who have passed from this earthly life. The 3 of us slowly walked the paths, enjoying the crisp cool air, reading the grave markers, investigating the mausoleums, and wondering about the stories of the people buried there. And we talked. And they probed, and offered possibilities to consider and gently pulled out of me what I so needed to release until my sobs came pouring out of my body and my thoughts were verbalized and I experienced a complete shift in my thoughts about mom.      I get to be with her as she experiences her disease. I get to be by her side as she faces the end of her life. It seems that a graveyard was the perfect place for therapy and inspiration!

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