While exploring Yoga Teacher Training options and looking at the Sanctuary at Two Rivers website, I tried repeatedly to map it on Google. I was unsuccessful and that is probably when I knew that this was the place I wanted to be. From the Sanctuary’s website: “This wildlife and Yoga Retreat Sanctuary is perched approximately 1000 yards slightly above the Pacific Ocean at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.” “…. And neighbors to the quaint artistic beach-town of Montezuma and the surf towns of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa.” “Secluded”…. “Uninhabited”…. “near” a few quaint towns….. this was the place for me.

The other thing that attracted me was the limited building on the property. The few buildings present are scattered throughout the property and all are open air (no walls, except the kitchen) so I never felt closed in. Only once did I desire walls – the night of the fiercest rain and thunderstorm I’ve ever been in. When the rain was blowing in our screens and showering us while we were in bed sleeping, I had a few minutes of yearning for walls and windows.

The Sanctuary itself is 40 acres, and is set in hundreds more unoccupied acres of tropical jungle. Everything on the property is accessible on foot, including the platform at the top of the hill where you have 360 views of the jungle and the ocean, a nearby waterfall, and a waterfall accessible by hiking down the river. There are plenty of trails to walk on and areas to explore, streams to sit by and hammocks to lay in. I really enjoyed being only pedestrian and not getting in a vehicle for 3 weeks.

As this is located in the jungle, near the equator, it is hot and humid. No furnaces were required to create a “hot yoga” environment. We sweat, we drank a lot of water, our backpacks attracted mold, and our clothes weren’t dry the entire 3 weeks! It took some acclimation, but then it felt good to have a respite from the hot and dry climate of Tucson and immerse my body in the moisture of this climate.

My photos will do a better job describing the sanctuary than my words ever will. Here are a few.

The “treehouses” where we lived, slept and relaxed in the hammock. No walls, just all screens making it easy to connect with, and be in, nature.

Screened in Rooms

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