“As my first full year of weekly yoga sessions with Michele draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the benefits that taking Yoga With Michele has offered me. I had always thought that yoga was for the more flexible, young and fit guys and gals. Boy was I wrong!! My Dr. had suggested I try yoga, and I find Michele is the PERFECT instructor for me, to gently guide me into what I thought were impossible poses! Now I’m the one who is the flexible one, encouraging more people to partake in her sessions and see what an improvement they can make for themselves. I use the term ‘gently’, as she often counsels that it is ‘to our own ability’ and ‘don’t push it to make it hurt’. She teaches us to read our bodies as well as help calm our busy minds. She explains the moves in a quiet, gentle manner, and never, ever judges us if we cannot reach the full pose. She trusts that we will eventually get there. Yet, we still have some fun in the sessions. At the beginning of the year I was stiff, had quite a few joint and muscle issues. I have knees that will eventually require surgery, I’m hoping I’m pushing that back with my yoga sessions. The surgeon claimed I had very tight hamstrings…I can’t wait to have him see how they have improved! Throughout the year I’ve increased my flexibility, improved my posture, and feel more balanced. And, of all things contrary to my own pre-conceived notions, I actually CRAVE yoga!! Michele’s positive, thoughtful demeanor allows me to give a gift to myself without any stress or fear of failure. Just like a hot bath, a massage or a decadent dessert, her yoga sessions are a welcome treat!”

Kathy H.

Yoga Student, Quilter Extraordinaire, Creative Soul

“What an amazing yoga retreat where one can experience finding one’s calmer self in an authentic ranch setting. Michele’s sweet energy, encouraging and caring manner, and attention to details made my time at the yoga retreat a great getaway that renewed my spirit.”

Diane S.

Yoga Retreat Attendee, Colorado Trail hiker, retired teacher

“I wanted to THANK YOU for sharing your yoga with us. I think it really made a difference in the quality and tenor of the group. You have a lovely gift Michele. Keep following your heart. It’s working out.”


Jeannette C.

Owner, The Blue Walk, European Walking Tours, Yoga Student, RYT 200 Hr Yoga Instructor

“This yoga retreat was amazing! Fabulous teacher, relaxed environment with a lot of positive energy and good people all around! It was just what I needed to unwind and get my perspective back into place!”

Christy O.

Yoga Retreat Participant, Artist and Yogi

“I had a wonderful time at our yoga retreat. You are a terrific yoga instructor and I appreciated your soothing instructions and corrections to our poses when needed!  I’m always striving for improvement so I was pleased to receive your input.  I just loved getting up to yoga in the morning and doing restorative yoga at the end of the day.”

Sheila H.

Yoga Retreat Participant

“Michele is warm, encouraging, and conscientious–everything you want in a yoga instructor. She knows how to put a class sequence together, help people with adjustments, plan an appropriate playlist of music, and overall give a lovely yoga experience. “

Lorie G.

Yoga Student, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor


“Stephen’s Hummingbird Workshop was a well organized, well planned, and very educational trip! I was able to photograph 10 species of hummingbirds and I learned a lot in the process. Not only did I learn multiple photography methods for capturing stunning images of these majestic little creatures but I also learned how to identify the various species and the differences between the male, female and juvenile of the different species. I was also able to use equipment that I don’t currently have and see if I think it would be beneficial to purchase in the future. Overall this trip was a major success for me. I took home thousands of beautiful images that I can be proud of. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in hummingbird photography!”

Sarah B.

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