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Art Classes & Workshops

I love gathering in community with others and creating. The sharing of ideas, the conversation and seeing others’ work is both gratifying and inspiring. The most important part of teaching art for me is creating that safe space, the community, the support and the encouragement to express yourself. While the final product can be fulfilling, it’s the process of creating that I find most gratifying.

Join me for one of my art classes or workshops and find that supportive space and community where you can explore and create.

What Michele’s students say about her art classes:

“Michele’s teaching style is relaxed and supportive and helped me feel confident in expressing myself through art.” Susan T.

Sunset Tucson AZ

Photography Classes & Workshops

Stephen has been photographing nature for over 30 years. His background in ornithology, years of field experience and passion for the natural world has helped him capture stunning images of birds and other subjects in the natural world. On January 1st 2016, Steve embarked on a photographic project “The Year of the Hummingbird” and has spend many hours capturing the beauty of these tiny winged wonders.

Join Steve for one of his photography classes or workshops as he shares his photography techniques and knowledge of the natural world.

What Steve’s photography students have to say:

“Great presentation, lots of info. Bring Stephen back for more workshops!” John H.

Five-Striped Sparrow

Birding Classes & Workshops

From his first birding trip in high school in Florida, to his latest project “The Year of the Hummingbird”, Steve has been chasing birds almost all his life. His adventures have taken him to every U.S. state but Hawaii and several countries around the world.

Take a birding class or workshop from Ornithologist Steve Vaughan and you’ll learn how to identify birds, best locations to find them,  information about their biology and behavior and habitat. You’ll also hear a story or two about his birding adventures and share your own birding adventures with other birders.

What Steve’s students say about his birding classes:

“Steve made it very easy to identify birds of prey in flight. I learned new traits to look for when watching birds fly.”  Joan C.

“I attended because of Stephen’s reputation. I learned a lot more skills and will come back for more workshops! Thanks Steve.” Mike D.

Upcoming Photography, Art & Birding Classes, Workshops, & Retreats

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