““Pursue some path however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

It’s been one year since I left HP. My path since then has indeed been crooked, but rather than narrow, mine has been wide. And wandering. With many branches and paths. I planned on taking a year off to reset, rejuvenate, and follow whatever path struck my fancy. I am grateful for the support of Steve and my friends for all the encouragement and support and even more so, the lack of judgement of what I chose to do with my days and hours.

It’s exactly one year since I turned in my HP badge. And I have no idea where my path is leading! I’m anxious, nervous, worried and uncertain. What now?? I sort of expected to have my next 15 years all figured out by this time.

I have 2 trains of thought constantly running in my head; they are on the same train track but running in opposite directions. One train carries a message that goes something like this “You need a real job, do something productive, ensure you have financial security”. The other train, on the same track and heading the opposite direction carries a message that goes something like this “do what you love, don’t worry about making living, slowing down is good and keep following your heart”. At least 5 times a day, the 2 trains of thought collide and my brain explodes.

Having pursued a crooked path this past year 2 themes have emerged – I love being part of people’s journey when they have “Aha” moments, and when they discover the joy of doing things that make them feel better and I love creating things. If I hadn’t followed a crooked path, with love and reverence, I would not have discovered how much both of these things mean to me.

I will be keeping this in mind as I look ahead at the paths ahead of me, however crooked, narrow, splintered or long.