“Don’t just stand there, DO something!” Many of our meaningful and memorable life experiences have come from doing something… anything… and crazy “I didn’t think I could do that” things. Doing is how we’ve defined our life experiences, which in turn has defined who we are today …. and who we will be tomorrow. Who we are is a journey and an evolution and doing is how we get there.

//  Get up, get out and DO stuff!  //


“Perhaps someone, somewhere, will create something so beautiful, it will change the world.” Author unknown.         Perhaps that person is you! Creating has been a part of our lives, for a long time.  Michele was creating with her mom as a tot, sewing, macramé (remember that?), and Steve has been creating since he picked up his first camera in high school. We feel creativity is crucial to a fulfilling life!

//  Pick up your crayons, or camera, or fabric……  and CREATE stuff!  //


“Don’t just do something, STAND THERE!”    Be. Just be. While we love doing, being is just as important. Just be. Just sit. Be still. In our hurry up, be busy world, we believe you must find time to just be.

//  Sit down, lay down, grab a lounge chair or meditation cushion …. and just BE.  //

So, join us! Maybe we can DO a yoga retreat or class together, CREATE some stunning photographic images of hummingbirds together, or just BE together.